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always have a hand free to adjust your levels, with your bom in the boomhanger
boomhanger attached to a audio harness with vertical straps, using the provided quick link
boomhanger also useful without harness or vest
demo on how to attach the boomhanger to the audio harness

The Boomhanger comes with a quick link for use with vertical straps and a piece of self adhesive felt which can be applied when desired.

We, boom swingers, all know that sometimes you need one or both your hands, for instance to check the script or to adjust your levels.

Also, in between takes, it's convenient to give your arms some rest. No need anymore to collapse your boom-pole all the way (especially in those crowded low ceiling places), because now, there is the Boomhanger Heavy Duty!

Most audio harnesses' shoulder straps come with horizontal or vertical smaller straps. Easily attach the Boomhanger to these straps, rest your boom and relax!

have a rest without having to pull in your pole first
prof that you can still operate the boom with your hands free. Leverage does it for you.
hang your boompole in the boomhanger, attached to an ordinary camera strap en relax

Even if you're working as a boomoperator without a mixer or recorder around your neck, just grab any photocamera shoulder strap, attach the Boomhanger and enjoy your freedom.


Check this great review from Thomas Popp at Video Mantis:




"I can't even express how much I love my boomhanger...holy shit this thing has changed the game. Wow. I'm gonna be ordering a second one for the other side of the harness so I have options on the fly"

Starvinartist, soundrecordist, Florida, US



"Yes! This thing is exactly what i needed! I really love how the Boomhanger takes care of the Boompole when i am adjusting anything on my recorder. Especially during interviews and long takes its a very nice companion to give your arms some rest"

Quinten Schram. soundrecordist, Netherlands


"A must addition for every soundbag! Today I had a difficult multicamshoot with three actors playing out a seriously dynamic scene. The boomhanger gave me the freedom to adjust my levels on the fly while allowing me to continue booming precisely where I wanted. Great price too!"

Jeroen Arkenbout, soundrecordist, Netherlands


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